The Risk Committee has competence, knowledge, and experience both in the private and public sectors, and its task is to assess the risks taken by the SwistBankers, observe the application of the risk policy in the assessment of companies that need financing and be the advisory body in the areas of risk, capital and funding.

Members of the Risk Committee are Swen Uusjärv,
Ardi Roosimaa, Erik Rüütel, Heikki Moik.

Mart Opmann

Mart is an economy and financial analyst with a sharp sense of context and top leader experience. Comprehensive management experience, acquired know-how and life-long learning allow Mart to efficiently analyse the organisation’s management and financial processes, resource use and optimisation to increase its efficiency. Mart has been active in politics in the Government of Estonia (1995–1999), has been the minister of finance (1997–1999) and a member of the Saku rural municipality council. He was also a member of the Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank in 2004–2009.

Swen Uusjärv

Swen is the founder of SwistBankers. In 1996 he founded the real estate management company Kinnisvarakeskus, which is still operating today. Under Swen Uusjärv’s lead, Kinnisvarakeskus has mediated more than 2,500 objects in Estonia. He has 15 years of experience in conducting real estate investments, including developing 3-million square metres of residential land into residential developments. He knows how to react both in rising and declining markets, he has advised the local governments in collaboration with investors. Swen has extensive business knowledge, and he has considerable experience in raising investments.

Heikki Moik

Heikki Moik is an economic engineer who has been active in leading different companies since 1991. Areas of activity have included participating in the management of different companies, developing budgets, preparing business reports, analysing different investments and business processes. Heikki has extensive business knowledge, and he has considerable experience in raising investment funds. 1990 Tallinn University of Technology, School of Business and Governance Enjoys reading professional literature and downhill skiing.

Toomas Kaevand

Toomas Kaevand is a lecturer of computational chemistry and works as the computational science leader at Tallinn University of Technology. His scientific research results have been published in several peer-reviewed professional journals both in Estonia and abroad. In addition, he has published the Äripäev IT management handbook Virtualiseerimine (2007). As of 2004, he participates in the workgroup simulating the PEDOT/PSS complex at the Tallinn University of Technology Department of Materials Science.

Rein Muoni

Rein Muoni has a significant and broad academic background, he is a long-time faculty member of Tallinn University of Technology and is the leader of the research laboratory. He was a professor and Chair of Cars and Tractors at the Estonian Agricultural University. In enterprises, his main contribution is developing management strategies and confirming development strategies.

Margus Pärn

Indrek Reilson

Indrek is wrapping up his master’s studies in the Copenhagen Business School in business management and information technology. In addition to extensive knowledge in the area of technology, Indrek has also gathered marketing and sales experience working with the IT solutions of significant companies. In 2018, together with business partners, he launched the Global ICO Fund, during which he managed Blockchain IT development and customer administration. Indrek believes that Blockchain and ICO are here to stay, but there is a lot of developing that needs to be accomplished. Indrek’s strength is the ability to comprehend and understand the basis of technological developments and the possible developmental directions. Also, thanks to international learning and work experience, he is fluent in Estonian and English.

Joonas Saar

Joonas has extensive knowledge and impressive experience with representing clients from the tourism, construction and real estate sectors in international communications. Joonas studied construction engineering (Tallinn University of Technology, Häme University) and he has worked in several countries across the world. In collaboration with professional teams, he has participated in projects developing technical solutions in Europe, Australia, Japan (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) and also for the Canadian Navy. He has shown great results in maths and physics, his hobbies include debating, negotiation training and travelling.

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